Lighting and Electrical Engineering Expert Witness Services

Tom BurtnessWorking for both Plaintiff and Defense, Tom Burtness has been providing expert witness services to attorneys and forensic investigatory services for insurance companies in the fields of street and area lighting and electrical engineering since 1978.  Cases have included personal and industrial accident and equipment failure investigations, electrocutions, injuries and death due to inadequate lighting systems, electrical control systems failure, electrical power systems through 65 kV, construction contract disputes and claims, as well as determination of fire origin and cause.

As a Licensed Professional Engineer in Illinois, Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin, and a former Licensed Electrician and Electrical Contractor, he has participated in cases involving industrial accidents, electrocution, personal injury, slip/trip and fall, fire, explosion, equipment and machinery failure, failure of safety circuitry, grounding, lightning damage and fire, construction defects, design and specification disputes, and construction contract claims.

Forensic services include file review, pre-litigation investigation for cause and subrogation, development of investigative protocols, site investigations, site photometric evaluation, consultation, deposition review, expert witness analysis and reports, as well as deposition and trial testimony.

Mr. Burtness has 40+ years of experience in the design, specification, construction contract administration, installation, startup, and troubleshooting of street and parking lot lighting, electrical power (600v through 65KV), on-site generation, distribution, control and instrumentation systems, SCADA, and equipment for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal occupancies; water, wastewater, and stormwater treatment plants; and military facilities.

A member of the Street and Area Lighting Committee of the Illumination Engineering Society, one specialty of Mr. Burtness’ expertise is in illumination engineering for street, roadway, and parking lot lighting, including photometric requirements, calculations, field verifications, equipment specifications, installation requirements, analysis, and disputes.

Mr. Burtness is available to provide services nationwide, with PE registration by comity available in most jurisdictions.

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