Design Philosophies

  • Collaborative Stakeholder Responsive Design Process
  • Technical Excellence  email-pic-7
  • Include both Creative and Scientific Foundations for Solutions
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency (More Work Using less Energy)
  • Energy Conservation (Reducing the Amount of Work to be Done)
  • Economic Efficiency (Highest Value for Lowest Possible Cost)
  • Community Historic Sensitivity
  • Neighborhood Friendly
  • Long Life Installations
  • Low Maintenance Installations

Design Philosophies Specific to Illumination Design

  • Encouraging Economic Revitalization Through Aesthetic Improvement of Commercial Corridors
  • Aesthetically Renewing, During Both Day and Night
  • Staying Current on the Latest Developments in the Lighting Industry
  • Using the Least Possible Light to Provide Necessary Visibility
  • Limiting Light Trespass as Much as Possible
  • Limiting Sky Glow as Much as Possible (Dark Sky Initiatives)
  • Limiting Glare as Much as Possible
  • Pedestrian Friendly
  • Bicycle Friendly
  • Motorist Friendly

Some Implications of our Philosophy

Balancing the “three-legged stool” of all projects, considering the attributes of Quality, Price, and Schedule; BES’s highest value is Quality, followed by Price.

BES believes that paying a 10% to 20% premium up front to purchase exceptional quality products, if done judiciously, can result in a 100% more excellent and long term satisfying project for both stakeholders and constituents.

Including broader participation sometimes lengthens the design process and increases the cost, however we have seen that the increases in quality of the installation, long term (life cycle) value, as well as constituent buy-in and support are well worth it.

BES’ goal is to save our clients more money than our fees cost them.  On every project, we are value engineering both the physical result and the process in order to meet this goal.