A Brief Note on Aesthetics

At Burtness Engineering Services, we believe that one of our services is to utilize our creativity and problem-solving abilities to assist others in experiencing a greater awareness of “aesthetics.”  At its deepest meaning, we believe the term “aesthetics” embraces some of the highest experiences of human existence, touching the interface between mankind and God.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “aesthetics” as “the study or theory of beauty and of the psychological responses to it; the branch of philosophy dealing with art, its creative sources, its forms, and its effects.”  In turn, the root meaning of “psychology” is “psyche” or “soul.”  Too often, modern society has shortchanged itself by embracing technology while neglecting beauty.  We believe it is the highest service to marry the two effectively, restoring our psyches to health.

We believe that the quality of life is enhanced at all levels when aesthetics are properly valued and addressed.  Our overarching purpose is to integrate this theme into every design in order to serve both individuals as whole persons, and as those who cooperatively share a healthy community together.  If a community is to be more than a mixed bag of independent individuals passing by each other like ships in the night, then the community’s leaders will be well served to purposefully cultivate the aesthetics that nurture psychologically healthy interactions and foster interdependency to flourish.  The psychological effects of an environment set the mood for the human interactions that take place there.  Beauty speaks to the spirit of all who behold it.  There is a universal quality to beauty that the human spirit cannot easily resist.

We at Burtness Engineering Services proactively intend to be an encourager of beauty by blending the artistic and the scientific, the visionary and the technical.  We do this both in the design of the illumination that is emitted from the light fixtures, and also in the appearance of the luminaire and pole equipment itself.  At night, the appearance of the illumination predominates; during the daytime, the appearance of the pole and luminaire do.  Embracing and implementing the aesthetic dimension of our design projects is one way we reap our personal satisfaction for a “job well done!”  As you view the photographs of our lighting projects, please take a moment to consider the “aesthetic” implications of what you are viewing.