The Art & Science of Outdoor Lighting

Highlighting Your Community’s Assets: The Art & Science of Outdoor Lighting Brought to Your Doorstep

As a community leader, you know that high quality outdoor street and area lighting plays a key role in rejuvenating and maintaining the vitality and economic welfare of your community.  You are also no doubt aware of the enormous promise that the new LED and adaptive control “green” technologies have to implement large energy and maintenance savings in your installation, while at the same time improving visual performance and sustainability.

Whether you are involved in leading a municipality, a business, or a non-profit; a school, neighborhood association, park district, or sporting organization; you may also be aware that the lighting industry offers an ever-evolving array of ways to beneficially utilize outdoor lighting to enhance your mission, however you also may feel overwhelmed by the challenge of evaluating these alternatives.  The difficulty of translating the vast, technically sophisticated kaleidoscope of lighting options into the specific design best suited to serve your community’s unique mix of wants and needs can be daunting!  Who will help you navigate through all stages of decision-making to arrive at a plan that will reasonably accommodate your constituency’s multi-faceted expectations?  Who will assist you in carrying out your plan once it is formulated so that its implementation proves manageable, its impact fulfilling, and its implications financially sound?

Burtness Engineering Services offers you the expertise you are looking for in an outdoor lighting and engineering consultant!  We are qualified to pilot your decision-making, implementation and long-term management as an integrated process – all the way from your first envisioning of the many benefits you can expect, to preliminary planning, engineering and construction, through the ribbon-cutting ceremony and lights-on, and to operations, maintenance, and financing.  We are more than lighting or electrical engineers.  We are service providers in the field of outdoor lighting systems, offering professional project management from inception to closeout as well as options for maintenance and financing.  We will work closely with you to personalize every step of your journey through what otherwise might seem to be a technologically complex and possibly burdensome experience, and guide you to the destination of your choice.

To bring abstract, technological possibilities to life in a concrete, real-world and yet personal way invokes both artistic and scientific principles, blending them into a peerless problem-solving process.  It requires the ability to envision practical alternative arrangements of available components, bringing order where order may at first appear elusive.  It also requires the ability to facilitate the communication of questions, feelings, ideas and solutions among a variety of participants at each step of the process.  As a frontrunner in developing this innovative approach to outdoor lighting, Burtness Engineering Services is willing to meet with you to discuss your community’s interests and present our ideas for realizing your visions of enhanced community spaces and economic development.  We can help you develop a customized but practical design and implementation plan for highlighting your community’s assets.

Most people think the goal of lighting design is to pick a light fixture and locate it.  That’s not the way we approach it here at BES.  We envision how the end user of the lighting installation should feel when living, working, or playing in the outdoor environment, and then we fashion the light within that space to enhance the envisioned life activity, whether that is recreational, commercial, or wayfinding.  Only then do we apply technological and engineering expertise to create the light envisioned, thus marrying the Art with the Science of Outdoor Lighting!

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